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  1. Stroke your child in adoration
  2. Give your child a backrub as they fall asleep
  3. Sing them a song they love
  4. Sing them a song about how you feel about them
  5. Rough house with them
  6. Play the sock game (trying to get each other’s socks off)
  7. Be extra silly with your child
  8. Sit and simply watch them play
  9. Allow them to puppeteer you – they’re the boss!
  10. Give your child extra cuddles
  11. Give them a gentle kiss attack
  12. Let them talk (or babble) while you really listen
  13. Look into their eyes and communicate love with your eyes
  14. Write your child a letter (whether or not they will read it right now)
  15. Reflect their emotions back to them, with empathy
  16. Join them in their enthusiasm
  17. Tell them how much they delight you
  18. Show interest in their interests
  19. Make your child’s favorite snack
  20. Thank them
  21. Display their artwork
  22. Read an extra book
  23. Ask for their opinion
  24. Build something together
  25. Invite your child to help you (with lots of patience)
  26. Take your child on a special “date”
  27. Touch your child’s shoulder as you pass by


In what way have you said “I love you” to your child today? Is there an idea here that jumped out to you?

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One Reply to “27 Different Ways to Say ‘I Love You’”

  1. Sitting and watching him play is probably his love language 😉 but I also show by stopping, getting on his level and showing with my eyes how much I love him.

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