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The 7 B’s of Attachment Parenting

I believe in a fluid, blended parenting style, not a dogmatic, one-size-fits-all approach.

Which is why I shy away from labeling myself a “this” parent or “that” parent.

Hey – I’m different every day, and my kids are too – so we have to do what works for us in the moment.  

Having said that, the seven “B” principles of Dr. Sears’s Attachment Parenting approach happen to work well for me – most of the time.
  1. After a great epidural experience with my first, I opted for a natural Birth (a hypnobirth, in fact, but more on that another time) the second and third time around and had a wonderful experience.
  2. I never expected to,  but I love nursing and have Breastfed (and continue to) for longer than I expected.
  3. We have relied heavily on Baby carriers.
  4. We have co-slept (our Bedding choice) with all our babies.
  5. I also Believed in my baby’s cry, believing it’s always a form of communication.
  6. Whilst we’ve appreciate the advice of some Baby Trainers, we certainly strive for discernment when it comes to parenting advice, and reliance on our own intuition.
  7. And of course we always seek (the ever elusive) Balance!

To read more about how to BALANCE Attachment Parenting without loosing sight of your own self-care, make sure to read this next article.

How about you? Are you an attachment parent? Why or why not? 
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