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How to buy less stuff (by buying more)

“Out of clutter, find Simplicity. From discord, find Harmony. In the middle of difficulty lies Opportunity.” – Albert Einstein

Let’s take a leaf out of Einstein, Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg‘s life.
We’re constantly catering to the growing needs of our children – from eating, sleeping, shoes, outdoor gear, bikes etc. We do a lot of research to figure out what we want and by the time we’ve bought it the season has changed or our child’s growth has accelerated and we need to research again.
What’s worked for me is to do the research once, and when I find an item I like – I buy all the sizes at once. (Of course with hand-me-downs this doesn’t work.)

Reasons this hack works well:

  1. It’s saves TIME and Energy
    It’s EASIER! It’s much less mental work for you. You figure out once what coat/ boots/ helmets/ cups you like – and once you’re committed, you’re done!
  2. It can SAVE money!
    When you’re buying in bulk you can often get a discount, and when you’re planned out like that you can often buy them all when they’re on sale.
  3. Less fighting over STUFF
    When everyone simply has the same coats or shoes we get a lot less caught up in comparing and contrasting what each of us has or doesn’t have. We’re focusing on functionality and comfort rather than what you have vs what I have.
  4. Less Materialism
    Less talk, FOCUS, energy spent on buying new things each season. When all of your plates, cups, bikes etc are the same it removes the tension around what STUFF we have. It means stuff is there to serve us, rather than us serving stuff.
  5. Easier for STORAGE
    Visually simplified, often stackable.
One downside of this is: it’s harder to differentiate between ages and stages. One way to overcome this is to use labels or color code. Or keep “sets” of each gear (such as outdoor gear or swim gear) in baskets with each child’s name.


MyMayu Boots – Get 15% Off with Code: 15MINIMALISTMYMAYU (for reg. priced boots and liners)
Plae Shoes (Mimos)
Tuffo Muddy Buddy
Columbia Coats & Fleeces
Bikes (wooden one in video, I also like this one) & Scooter
I choose clear containers and label with these.

For more of my highest recommendations, check out the “Shop” on this website to view outdoor gear, toys I love, my favorite books and much more…



Do you practice minimalism? What’s your favorite tips, tricks and hacks?

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2 Replies to “Minimalism Parenting Hack – How to Buy Less Stuff”

  1. Great Ideas! I definitely practice my version of minimalism. I have always bought gender neutral stuff for this reason. It definitely works to save space and energy! And I love seeing special clothing my daughter wore, being sported again by my son too.

  2. Great ideas. With 3 kids buying all the same is ideal. With a girl in the middle who likes pink, it can sometimes be difficult to buy all the same, but that’s the goal.

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