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I'm Avital.

You want a present, peaceful and playful family life? I'm here to help you make that a reality.

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Personal Growth Hacking: The Difference Between Adults & Grown-Ups

Do you want to see personal growth but feel like you’re suffocating under the weight of adulting? Managing your time, finances, relationships, emotions, children, etc… sometimes life can feel so out of control. 

Then you add in anxiety, fear, and worry about things going on around you and in the world at large… it’s no wonder so many people are suffering and feel stuck. 

3 Self Growth Secrets

In this episode, I’ll share 3 self growth secrets to help us overcome these challenges. 






If you’re feeling stuck, overwhelmed and worried… It’s time to hack your mindset.

In this *FREE* session I’ll show you how to flip these five common thoughts into Zen Ninja Mindsets that will serve your highest wellbeing, right now.

Warning: After implementing what you learn in this live session, you’ll be so chill people might wonder what you’re smoking.


Personal Growth and Development Podcast Timestamps

Use these timestamps to navigate this personal growth and development podcast and take what you need!


[00:00] Intro

[03:08] The Unstuck Workshop: 5 Scripts to Flip Right Now To Stop Going Insane! This Wednesday, September 30 at 11am ET. Register for this personal growth workshop here!  

[06:07] What does it mean to be an adult?

[13:15] The difference between adults and grown-ups.

[13:49] Grown-ups have their emotional life in order.

[15:53] Grown-ups have their psychological life in order.

[20:52] Grown-ups have their spiritual life in order.

[21:31] Immature people are obsessed with themselves and others’ thoughts and opinions.

[27:18] The key to finding meaning and joy in life is to grow ourselves up. 

[31:33] How do we grow up? Mindset work.

[32:40] How do we get our emotional life in order?

[33:13] We must start to take responsibility for feelings and emotions, and start making different choices.

[33:52] How do we get our psychological life in order?

[38:49] How do we get our spiritual life in order?

[43:23] What does it look like to “show up”?

Growth Mindset Course (ALCHEMIZE) Q&A Section

[55:41] How many people are in the group coaching sessions?

[56:08] Is this coaching for kids or parents?

[56:39] How do you manage a relationship with a family member who is an adult but not a grown-up?

[59:30] How do you break out of these immature cycles when you feel stuck there? 


Individual Growth Takes Work!

This sort of work (the adulting mindset work that results in individual growth) is where real change takes place. It’s what takes us to the next level and helps us work toward levels of peace, enjoyment, and fulfillment we all crave and deserve.

Let’s get to work! 


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Personal Growth Courses & Resources

For more inspiration, check out these personal growth courses and resources.


5 Scripts to Flip Right Now To Stop Going Insane

If you’re feeling stuck, overwhelmed and worried… It’s time to hack your mindset.

In this *FREE* session I’ll show you how to flip these five common thoughts into Zen Ninja Mindsets that will serve your highest wellbeing, right now.

Warning: After implementing what you learn in this live session, you’ll be so chill people might wonder what you’re smoking.


2. ALCHEMIZE – Coaching Experience & Companion Course

Alchemize is my new course and coaching experience that helps you take your thoughts, fears, frustrations, and anxieties and transform them into mindsets that can actually help you become anti-fragile, resilient, confident, gritty, and abundant. 


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4. Personal Growth Video Playlist from The Parenting Junkie

If personal growth mindset work is your jam, dive into this Parenting Junkie Playlist focused all around mega mindset shifts. 



Can you have a sophisticated home even with little kids underfoot? Thoughts? ...

My view while I get some ish done. ⁣

Toddlers can be clingy, whiny, and annoying sometimes... but one thing's for sure: toddlers are designed to play. ⁣

The trick is... supporting their current stage and phase of play. ⁣

Parents are notorious for feeling dumbfounded when their 18-month-old doesn't play with ANY of their toys. "You have all these cool toys, why won't you play with them!?" Can you relate? ⁣

That's because, oftentimes, toddlers aren't engaging in make-believe (imagining scenes, building worlds) - but exploring their own world. ⁣

🌈 That's where sensory play comes in (think: dry beans or shaving cream in the bathtub)... ⁣
🌈 Developmental schemas (think: throwing objects or spinning dizzy)... ⁣
🌈 Moving to music (think: dancing or putting on a drum concert)... ⁣
🌈 Dressing up (think: trying on your shoes or transforming into a bear)... ⁣
🌈 Real-life pretend play (think: anything in your kitchen cabinets or nailing trim nails into corkboard). ⁣

Play may look different for a toddler than for an older child busy with Lego - but they can totally rock at it if we find ways to support their stages and phases of exploring their world, developing their fine and gross motor skills, and just being the little scientists that they are. ⁣

Just like they were compelled to crawl (in their good time), they are compelled, wired, and designed to PLAY.⁣
★ What's keeping your toddler busy? ⁣
Psst... Have you watched my new YouTube video about this? I'd love to hear your feedback! ⁣
#toddlerplay #independentplay #schemas #playmatters #childhoodunplugged #playisimportant #toddleractivites #peacefulparenting #intentionalmotherhood #simplicityparenting #mindfulparenting #toddleractivities #workingfromhome #getishdone #momof5 #momoftoddlers #momoftoddler #learningthroughplay

Are you stuck at home (still?) with a to-do list longer than the Great Wall of China and a toddler running circles around your feet? Trying to get stuff done with a toddler in tow is like slamming on the accelerator with the handbrake on... you end up spending a ton of energy, without getting anything done.⁣

Enter: Independent Play⁣

If we've hung out for any length of time, you know I’m a sucker for all things #independentlyplay. ⁣

In fact, not to toot my own horn, but it’s kind of what I’m famous for (if you call having more than 3 followers on Instagram famous😉). ⁣

Anyhoo - thanks to 5 awesome hacks I’ve picked up along the way I am managing to get some *ish* done while my 2.5-year-old occupies himself... and I want that for you too!⁣

With the #ReclaimPlay Challenge coming up and Present Play opening soon, boy! my team and I are hard at work cookin' up some amazing goodies for you. In other words, I am using these hacks like my business depends on it right now. Literally⁣

You'll want to head to the link in my bio @parentingjunkie to watch the FULL 12-minute VIDEO (or listen to it on the podcast 𝘸𝘩𝘪𝘭𝘦 you get ish done), but here's the bullet point version:⁣

5 Ways to Occupy Your Toddler (while you get ish done)⁣
1. Sensory Play⁣
2. Movement⁣
3. Music⁣
4. Dress Up ⁣
5. Real-Life Pretend Play⁣

💬 If your child was occupied (screen-free) for 30 minutes... 𝙬𝙝𝙖𝙩 𝙬𝙤𝙪𝙡𝙙 𝙮𝙤𝙪 𝙙𝙤?⁣

Read a book? ⁣
Make some protein balls?⁣
Write that blog post you've been meaning to since last month?⁣

Tell me more in the comments below and tag someone you know who has a toddler at home!⁣
#toddleractivities #kidsactivities #invitationtoplay #independentplay #toddlerplay #momlife #workingfromhomemom #momof5 #momof5motivation #screenfree #screenfreeactivities #whilemommyworks #toddlerplayideas

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