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How to Raise Non-Materialistic Kids

Talk about first world problems! This one just about tops the cake. Whilst other parents worry about malnutrition and malaria, some of us are (legitimately) concerned about abundance.

Sometimes it honestly feels as though toys, clothes and books just show up at my door. It feels like the ad agencies want my blood. And it feels like the world keeps saying more = better.


But I know all of that is not truth. I know that another truck won’t make my son happier, just like another pair of shoes won’t make me happier. Furthermore, neither will make either of us a better person.


And that’s not to say there’s anything wrong with trucks, or shoes (especially shoes) – nor would I ever want my child to feel deprived or¬†lesser-than.


Here’s another wonderful Role Play episode with Dr. Laura Markham where we explore talking to young children (5 in this case) about the seduction of “more”, about pocket money, saving, and about what really makes us happy.


Do you ever feel like you’re battling the toys/ clothes/ stuff out of your house? Do you feel that your children’s sense of self worth sometimes pivots on how much stuff they have? What do you do about it? How do you go about raising non-materialistic kids?


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