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Playground arguments are bound to happen. Learn how to put peaceful parenting into action with Dr. Laura Markham to help children resolve conflicts.

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The scenario: another child tries to take a toy from your child and even hits your child in the scuffle.


How to handle it:

Approach calmly and attend to the hurt child.

Sportscast each child’s point of view.

Offer solutions and alternatives.

Help the children find a solution that works for both of them.


Key Takeaways:

Help your child through the communication. If she is too upset about what happened she may not be able to give a turn or ask to have a turn after the other child is done. You can help ask for your child so she can see you modeling the communication she will need to use.


Too often we expect kids to do things they aren’t ready to do.  For example we expect our child to give the toy to the other child for a turn.  If they do that they will feel as though they lost. Help by giving the toy for your child and using the language to ask for another turn.


Remember your obligation is to your child and your values. It can be difficult when there are other children and parents and therefore an audience but remember your obligation is always to your child, not to what anyone thinks of your parenting.


It’s ok that 2 kids want the toy or are having an argument. We can solve this problem together.


Is it normally your child causing the playground argument? If so checkout the peaceful parenting approach to stopping your child from hitting here


Watch More Peaceful Parenting in Action!


I would love to hear from you! Has your child ever been hit by another child? What did you find most difficult about handling the situation? What did you find was the easiest part to handle? Please leave your comments below or over in our (free & awesome) FB community Love Parenting with Avital.

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4 Replies to “Playground Arguments: How to Help Kids Resolve Conflict Peacefully”

  1. Hi Avital, just wanted to pop by quickly and thank you for these. Your content often realigns me to the peaceful, collaborative ways of problem solving with my kids that I aspire to. I loved what Dr Laura said: “your obligation is to your child and your values”- right? I know that I feel great when I align to this and feel the ickies when I fail it. You also said something like (parapharsed): you know it could’ve been your kid (sooo with you on that). I think that’s it: we come in a little kinder when we approach all children like this, even if they’re acting ‘against’ our kids.

    1. Thank you Warda! We are so glad you found it helpful!

      I feel like I need to have a big tattoo on my arm that reminds me my obligation is to my child and my values! I too loved Dr. Laura saying that and need to remind myself of it daily! – Tracy xx

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