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Handling Tantrums Like a Pro with Dr. Laura Markham

I LOVE tantrums.

Crazy, right?

Wanna know why?

Because tantrums are kids’ (and often adults’) very clear way of saying:

“STOP THE BUS! I need to get off!”

It’s such a helpful, clear cut reminder that our child’s needs are somehow not being met: their need for food, drink, sleep or connection. When seen in this way, tantrums become our friends.

We can secretly thank the tantrum fairy “Ooooh, thanks for the (crying, screaming, arm flailing) sticky note… I totally get now that my child needs x, y or z. Lucky me that you, dear tantrum fairy, are here to cover my derrière.”

OK, I get it, tantrums are my friend and emotional health co-conspirator… but what about when my 4 year old has cemented herself as a permanent fixture of the Trader Joe’s cereal aisle, and is giving everyone something to look at (or should we say, listen to)?

Watch my Oscar-worthy 3-year-old performance of 2 types of major MELT DOWNS and see how Dr. Laura Markham handles it like the pro that she is! We can all take a few leafs out of her book!

Spoiler alert: she doesn’t do much talking.

This one is a little longer than we usually do but it’s worth watching until the end. You’ll see two different ways of handling a whiny melt down or a full blown tantrum, and you’ll hear Dr. Laura’s helpful insights about fight, flight or freeze mode.

What is your approach to tantrums?

This blog post is sponsored by Peaceful Tantrums – The Parenting Junkie’s Guide to Managing the WORST Tantrums without punishing, yelling, bribing or counting to 3…



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One Reply to “TANTRUMS! Need I Say More?”

  1. 6:00 -8:30 Is so my son. He’s 7 years and I don’t know what to do. These things would work a few times only. I’ve tried this, he stops crying, talks to me and then again in 5-10 minutes he starts demanding .

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